India // Kerala


The last fishermen come back to the shore when the morning sun is up. The face and the hands are marked by furrow of sun and salt water. The nets are empties and he tell me that the sea is less and less abounding in fish.

Fishing in the seas of India was exercised beyond any reasonable limit, for that fish stocks are being depleted.Motorized fishing boat with bottom trawls and fishing vessels have largely replaced the traditional inhabitants of coastal villages on the boats of ltrunks and in some areas, fishing communities are desperately trying to find some other source of income.

Furthermore, the India is the tenth in the ranking of the weights of the most polluted land in the world and 70% of drinking water available is contaminated. It is hard to find a river or a lake that isn't polluted by sewage, garbage and chemical waste. The factories dump chemicals into the sea, rivers and air without the local authorities, often corrupt and few staff, enforce the regulations.