ǃPRESENTES! Espacios desaparecidos

Argentina // Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires-1976/1983.

The Army took the control of the nation with a coup d'etat.

The dictatorship repression of the opposers was very hard.

Thousands the persons abducteds, tortureds and eliminateds.

More than 30.000 the desaparecidos.

The places where they was criminally detained, where they was subjecteds to any tipe of violance, where all the humans rights was trampled, today are places for the memory. These are the ex-illegal detention centres.

Here was fought the “dirty war” of the Argentina.

This reportage is a part of a biggest project about the places of the memory and about the importance of the historical memory, for express by the images the feelings and the reflections that this places arouse.