SÃO JOAQUIM / The soul of Bahia

Brazil // Salvador da Bahia


The brazilian author Jorge Amado always claimed that one of the place where it’s possible to see the cultural recistance of Salvador, the capital of the State of Bahia, is the market and especially the "Feira de São Joaquim". Here, the voces, the colors, the smells, the musics and the foods create a beautiful mix that joins the african and the brazilian cultures. São Joaquim symbolizes the history and the traditions of Salvador: here Arfica and Brazil met up during the portuguese colonization in 16th century and gave life to one of the most fascinating culture of the world, represents by food, music and dance. In this market, it´s possible to meet the true bahia’s people, results of the antagonism between poors and riches, whites and blacks, masters and slaves, elegant districts and slums. From here, has origin the true identity of Bahia, with her social problems, her culture, her folklore.