In the coming decades, India's economic growth, if it wants to maintain the current level of development, will have to deal with the shortage of trained people, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. The solution, says a recent study by the Center for Work Life Policy in New York, is to be found in the thing that the Country (most of the time) tends to overlook and overshadow: the female potential.

Each year, about five million Indian instructed women enter into the world of work, but the problem is to make sure that them remain into, because of gender discrimination and traditional family culture. A survey about 1000 women showed that 51% of them have given up their jobs after marriage and 52% once them have children.

Promote education and female employment will have a catalytic effect in all fields of development and will lead to raise the female figure giving dignity and respect. The Indian government is encouraging these types of intervention, the goal is to promote an active role of women, through the work as an instrument of social emancipation.